Dylan Long: Riding the Wave with Drinky Dinky

Dylan Long: Riding the Wave with Drinky Dinky

Meet Dylan Long - a name synonymous with adrenaline-pumping motocross action and a rising star in the online gaming community. As a member of the CDR Yamaha team competing in the MX Nationals and Australian Supercross Championships, Dylan is no stranger to high-speed thrills and fierce competition​​.


But Dylan's passion isn't confined to the dirt tracks. When he's not showcasing his remarkable skills on a Yamaha YZ450F, you can find him streaming on YouTube, sharing his love for racing simulators of cars and bikes with a growing audience of gaming enthusiasts​​. His channel reflects his vibrant personality and deep love for all things fast-paced and competitive.

What sets Dylan apart is his ability to blend two seemingly different worlds - the raw, physical intensity of motocross and the strategic, immersive world of gaming. It's this unique blend that makes Drinky Dinky the perfect fit for him. Like Dylan, Drinky Dinky is all about embracing the extraordinary and pushing boundaries.

Off the course, Dylan enjoys camping trips with friends, his girlfriend, and his dog - a testament to his love for adventure and the great outdoors​​. This love for the environment aligns perfectly with Drinky Dinky's commitment to sustainability and breaking free from the plastic-clad grasp of the beverage industry.

Whether he's racing, gaming, or just enjoying the outdoors, Dylan Long embodies the spirit of Drinky Dinky - adventurous, dynamic, and always ready for the next challenge. Join Dylan and the Drinky Dinky community in revolutionizing the way we think about hydration.

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